Original Diablo Being Remade Inside Diablo III

Blizzcon 2016 is currently underway, and boy did Blizzard drop a huge bomb on us today. The original Diablo is coming back, sort of.

In honor of the original Diablo hitting it’s 20th anniversary this coming December, developer Blizzard will release a remake of the game inside of Diablo III. Yes, you didn’t misread this, Diablo is coming back and it will bring with it the sixteen level cathedral and the four main bosses from the first game.


An upcoming anniversary patch, The Darkening Of Tristam, will bring these additions with it, which will also feature the original soundtrack and a special graphics filter that will make the game look pixelated and grainy. As part of the experience, character movement will also be locked to the basic eight directions.

Released back in 1998, the first Diablo game is considered to be iconic, having inspired a generation of games in the dungeon crawler genre. The game is set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras and tasks players with defeating the Lord of Terror, Diablo, as either a Warrior, Sorcerer or a Rogue.

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More information about the remake, and hopefully some official footage as well, is set to be released as the event goes on.

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