Orion Trail VR Launches On Oculus Rift

Developed and published by Schell Games, Orion Trail VR is a sci-fi adventure inspired by Star Trek and the 1971 adventure, The Oregon Trail. The game raised around $97,800 in its Kickstarter campaign last year, and was released on December 24, 2015.

The game was ported from PC to Android last year, supporting the Gear VR mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD) from Samsung. This week the studio ported it to Oculus Rift. The game is available for download from the Oculus store for $4.99.


Orion Trail lets players take the role of a captain who has control over a ship. The captain has to carefully choose his crew, that will accompany him to the depths of space, uncovering new planets and encountering a wide range of monsters and mayhem.

Each crew member that the captain chooses will have a different skill set, some of which include, aggression, tactics, diplomacy, science and bravado. Players will have to decide which member’s skill to use during encounters with, for example, a fashion-obsessed pirate, or an army of aliens.

The game has had a lot of positive reviews and its fair to say that its been a success so far. Orion Trail is also an example of how a game that most believe would not fit VR can be successfully ported to it, and even be enhanced by the tech.

The Oculus Rift version has 70 new encounters, as well as new officers, such as, Brick Stonewood and Captain Forever. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience offered by Schell Games.


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