Overcooked 2 Review (Switch)

It is hard to believe that Overcooked hasn’t been out for that long since it has quickly escalated to becoming one of the best co-op games now available in the market. Overcooked 2 is simply plain chaotic fun especially if you are playing it at full potential offered by its 4 player co-op multiplayer. It is basically a unique spin on the cooking and restaurant management simulator but despite such simple mechanics, it has a lot of replay value and boundless fun for those looking to pass a good time with some friends.

Overcooked 2 is a successor that doesn’t divert much from its existing gameplay mechanics. It is a ‘safe’ sequel that focuses on offering more of the same and this is not a bad approach if the game has a solid foundation, which is the case here. The biggest addition to the sequel is that now it is possible to enjoy the game with online multiplayer which means it is no longer a strict offline co-op experience as its predecessor. This, in turn, has improved the value of the overall product making it a worthy successor.

The first Overcooked didn’t arrive on the Nintendo Switch until after the other platforms however this is a different case for the sequel which has launched simultaneously on all platforms. One of the major complaints with it was the frame rate that seemed to suffer during some of the more chaotic encounters, and I think it has been greatly improved now with the sequel. It is not perfect at all, but at least you can now enjoy the dynamic stages more smoothly when all hell breaks loose in the kitchen.

Gameplay wise, I honestly didn’t really notice any major changes to distinguish it as a sequel. It is still the same game with almost similar controls. The beauty of Overcooked is that it doesn’t really need a lot of button presses just to enjoy the gameplay. It is more about memorizing a set of methods and recipes and then making sure to do it all in the allocated time. This is why it works so well in co-op even if you play it together with someone who is normally not a dedicated gamer. In other words, this is the perfect casual game now.

If you have enjoyed the story in the first game, the good news is that there is now a bigger and better version of the story mode in Overcooked 2. You will go through many levels in the story mode with plenty of dynamic stages. The replay value offered here depends on if you want to get the best rank on these levels that range from a scale of 1 to 3 stars. Getting the best rank will need careful co-operation with another human player since timing is the key and messing up your recipes or making mistakes with the cooking can have an effect on the points that you get at the end of each level.

The levels that you will play involve a lot more activity. Right from the first stage of the story mode, you will learn about throwing items or food to the other players to do the necessary actions in the allocated time. This mechanic is carefully used throughout the later levels and becomes necessary during moments when the player is short on time. There are different types of environments offered in each level ranging from hot air balloons in the sky to freezing cold. The environments have an impact on your control of the character so make sure to keep focused on creating ingredients necessary for the recipes and don’t give up under pressure.

Even though Overcooked 2 is fun, it still has some flaws, especially with collision detection. It is frustrating to pick up and grab objects because the characters that you will control have a tendency to miss out the items that you want to pick. The most mistakes that I made happened this way and I honestly have no idea why it is still an issue. The limit of picking items restricted to a certain square is what makes this a tiresome effort when you are trying to get a specific item and just keep missing on it.

Some of the new recipes will take a good amount of time as you cut, fry or boil food to get your desired result. There are more steps involved for some of the tougher recipes and then later you have to keep the dynamic elements of a level into the mind as well, while simultaneously cooperating with another player. Despite some of the changes, Overcooked 2 hasn’t lost its touch and kept the essence fully intact in the sequel with a focus on team-based efforts.

One of the most fun that I had in a co-op game was in Overcooked 2, so it gets my full recommendation if you are on the hunt for a good party or multiplayer game. Even if you lack someone to play it locally, the online multiplayer is available now and this means you will either find a friend online or get to play it with random people, which is an interesting experiment on its own that is worth checking out at least once.

Overcooked 2 Review (Switch)

Game Reviewed on: Switch

Game description: Overcooked returns with a brand-new helping of chaotic cooking action! Journey back to the Onion Kingdom and assemble your team of chefs in classic couch co-op or online play for up to four players. Hold onto your aprons… it’s time to save the world again!


The biggest addition to this sequel is the online multiplayer, otherwise, it is a pretty linear iteration with new levels and no major gameplay or visual changes over its predecessor. Still, this doesn't stop it from becoming an incredibly fun co-op game with a solid amount of content and replay value.


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