Overcooked Runs At 30 FPS On Switch, Devs Looking Into Frame Rate Issues

Overcooked: Special Edition is out now for the Nintendo Switch. It is an extremely fun co-op game that lets the player assume the role of a cook along with a friend as they try to prepare various meals. The game is meant to be a challenging but fun experience that works well with a group of friends.

Recently, Overcook was released for the Nintendo Switch although it appears to have launched with some issues mainly related to its performance. Thankfully the developers have taken note of these issues and have confirmed that they are indeed looking into it.

Hey there,

Just to provide some clarification on FPS with Overcooked.

On console (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch) the game is set to run at 30fps. PC is a little bit different as you can enable V-Sync which mixes things up a bit.

So in a nutshell we expect Overcooked to run at a solid 30fps on Switch, we’re also looking into reports of the game having instances where it isn’t hitting this benchmark.

We are watching & listening, fear not and thanks all for your support.

I’ve just double checked with the team and I’ve been told it’s definitely 30fps on console.

Yeah we’ve heard reports about the tutorial level and it’s something we’re actively investigating now so fingers crossed on that part.

The developers have also confirmed that they have no plans to support 60 fps, since the game also runs at 30 fps on the PS4 and Xbox One were it generally manages to work out fine.

Currently, no plans for looking at 60fps. It seemed to go down well on Xbox One & PlayStation 4 so it felt natural to continue console parity.

Overcooked is available now for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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