Overwatch Celebrates Halloween With New Loot Box

Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating Halloween by giving the fans Halloween themed Loot boxes for Overwatch, which include items that will give your character a unique and spooky look.

Details of the upcoming Loot Boxes were leaked on a Taiwanese website. The website revealed the release date of the new items. The upcoming Loot boxes will be available for purchase on October 12th, however, the website did not reveal the price of the Loot boxes so we will just have to wait and see what the content will cost. An image on the Taiwanese website revealed the appearance of Roadhog and Junkrat with these new cosmetic items. Check out the image below:


A reddit post revealed that the new Loot Box will come alongside a new patch, which will be 1.74GB in size. The post also revealed the exact time that the patch will be available for download. You will be able to download the patch at 3AM on October 12th. As soon as you download the patch, you will be able to login to Overwatch and purchase the new Loot box which contains the new cosmetic items for your characters.

Overwatch - Changes Coming To Competitive Season 2

Overwatch developers, Blizzard Entertainment, has not announced the event themselves, but we can expect them to make an announcement soon. We might even see a new game mode, like Lucioball, which was added to Overwatch in celebration of the summer Olympics. All we can do is wait for more details.

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