Overwatch – Changes Coming To Competitive Season 2

The Overwatch Competitive Season is about to come to an end. Players who participated in the Competitive Season will be rewarded with a unique spray and player icon. Alongside the spray and player icon, players also received Competitive Points, that can be used to purchase Golden Weapons. The Competitive Season 2 is just a few weeks away.

Thousands of players participated in the Competitive Season, and many fans shared some feedback regarding the competitive mode, and how Blizzard can improve it for Season 2. Blizzard Entertainment took that into consideration and announced the changes coming to the Overwatch Competitive Season 2.

In the Developer Update, Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, talked about some of the changes coming to the Competitive Season 2.

In Season 1, a player’s skill rank was rated from a scale of 1-100. In Season 2, players will be rated on a scale of 1-5000 to better differentiate a player’s skill rating. Skill Rating Tiers are also being added to the Competitive Season 2, which means that players will be assigned a Tier according to their Skill Rating. For example: A player with a Skill Rating between 2000-2499 will be ranked as a Gold Tier player. Kaplan also confirmed that once a player reaches a Tier, he will not be able to fall to a lower tier even if their Skill Rating drops below the minimum Skill rating needed to reach that said tier, however, if you are in the Master or Grand Master tier, your tier will drop down to the lower tier.

Competitive point gained and cost of Golden Guns is being multiplied by 10. If you have any Competitive Points saved up, then those are also being multiplied by 10. Kaplan also announced the removal of the Coin Toss in competitive mode. Along with the coin toss, sudden death is also going away.

Overwatch Hanzo

The Assault game mode is being changed, as now, after your team captures point A in your first offensive round, for every subsequent point A capture, you gain 30 seconds of bonus time. In the second offensive attempt, the 2 minute mercy rule for teams with little time left after their first has been reduced to one minute, plus whatever time the team gained from the mercy rule will also be applied to the other team. For example, one team finished their first offensive round with 47 seconds left, in their 2nd attempt they will have 1 minute instead, gaining them 13 seconds, these 13 second bonus will also be applied to the other team, no matter how long they have left.

Blizzard has also reduced the “Assemble Your Team” time after the first round of some game modes. Players will also match up with players closer to their skill rating, as now players will be teamed up with players within 500 skill rating.

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Players in the Diamond, Master and Grand Master tiers will slowly be demoted. A player who has not played Overwatch for a week, will lose 50 Skill Rating every 24 hours. This can result in them losing their Master or Grand Master tier, however, they will not drop lower then Diamond tier. You can check out the developer update above, for a more elaborate explanation of the upcoming Competitive Season.

Blizzard Entertainment is bringing some much needed changes to the upcoming Competitive Season. What are your thoughts on the Competitive Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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