Overwatch Christmas Event Starts December 13th

Blizzard is getting into the holiday spirit with a Christmas themed event coming to Overwatch. The holiday event will start on December 13th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Blizzard made the announcement of the upcoming event on Twitter. Similar to previous events, the Christmas event will impact the game, changing the appearance of the maps, as well as bringing Christmas themed cosmetics for the characters. The previous event that Blizzard released for the first-person shooter was the halloween themed event called Overwatch Halloween Terror.


The event changed the appearance of the maps, and introduced new cosmetics for the Overwatch characters. The event also introduced a new game mode to Overwatch. We can expect something similar for the Christmas themed event coming next week.

This is the third limited time event that Blizzard is bringing to Overwatch. The first event celebrated the start of the Summer Olympics 2016. Blizzard added a new game mode to Overwatch called Lucioball. The second event was the halloween event that took place in October. Both of the events added new game modes to Overwatch, which were only available during the events. So we can expect another limited time game mode for the upcoming event.

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The Christmas themed event will begin on December 13th, which is the same day that Bungie releases the Dawning Update for their first-person shooter, Destiny.

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