Overwatch Competitive Season 2 Starts Early For Xbox One And PC

Last month, we reported on the Overwatch Competitive Season 1 coming to an end. Participants of the competitive season were rewarded with player icons, special sprays and Competitive points that could be used to purchase golden skins for hero weapons.

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that the Overwatch Competitive Season 2 will be starting on September 6th, however earlier today, Jeff Kaplan announced on the Battle.net forums that the Overwatch Competitive Season 2 has already started.

Overwatch Competitive Season

In the forums, Kaplan simply stated, “Season 2 is now live on PC.”, however, Overwatch Competitive Season 2 is not only live on the PC. Xbox One players can also start playing the competitive season. In patch notes that were published a few hours ago, Blizzard confirmed that the competitive season 2 has started for PC as well as Xbox One.

The patch implements some of the changes that we previously reported about. Some of the changes include the removal of Sudden Death from competitive mode, the skill rating being increased from 1-100 to 1-5000. The increase in skill rating gives players, and developers a better idea of a player’s skill level.

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Overwatch players on the PS4 have not received an update which includes these changes. The delay was caused by the PlayStation Network being offline, due to the network being down, no patches can be released for the console.

Hopefully the update is released soon for PS4 users so that they can start playing Overwatch Competitive Season 2.

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