Overwatch Halloween Terror Announced By PlayStation

On reddit, an image was released revealing a new event coming to Overwatch. However, Overwatch developers, Blizzard Entertainment did not make an announcements. Moments after we reported on the Overwatch news, PlayStation released the trailer for Overwatch Halloween Terror. The trailer announced the event, which is live now, and will conclude on November 1st.

The event will make many changes to the game itself, as several maps will be changed to have a Halloween themed look to them. Candles and carved pumpkins can be found all over the maps. Check out how some of the maps look during the event:

The event also includes new character items that will give the Overwatch agents a new look. The new cosmetics can be found in the new Halloween Loot Boxes. These Loot Boxes will drop items which can only be obtained during the Overwatch Halloween Terror event. The items that you can obtain from these Loot Boxes are cosmetic items for your characters, unique sprays, and unique weapons. Take a look at how some of the characters will look with the new items equipped:

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event also adds a new mode to the game. Junkenstein’s Revenge is a Co-op brawl where you survive Junkenstein’s creations. An event like this has never been available in Overwatch, so it’s fun to see a PvE event in the game. The new Halloween Loot Boxes and the new game mode will be available until November 1st. So collect as many items as you can and enjoy the new game mode.

Abdullah Raza


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