Blizzard teases about a new character in Overwatch, as well as other secrets

The entire gaming community has probably heard of Overwatch by now, Blizzard’s critically-acclaimed success of a video game, which sold over 7 million copies during its first week of release. The whacky, brightly coloured shooter, however, holds many secrets which are yet to be uncovered, says the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, and players haven’t even scratched the surface.

Earlier this year, there were whispers and murmurs about a character named “Sombra.” Some of the maps in Overwatch mention the name in the background, on posters and computer screens.

sombra hint

Players have come up with lots and lots of theories, with many claiming that Sombra is none other than Pharah’s mother. Other players believe she might be evil, given that characters such as the dastardly Reaper mention her.

Extremely hopeful fans even believe Sombra might be a new character, a claim which is further backed by the promotional footage shown below! See how the character holds a sniper?


Upon further inspection, some fans even pointed out that, in the image above, the cursor seemed to be highlighted as the user hovers over the ‘Support’ region of the character roster, suggesting that Sombra might be a support sniper. At the same time, some people believe its just another skin for Widowmaker, but the easter eggs spread throughout the maps suggest otherwise.

Since these discoveries, fans have been unable to find much, but in a recent interview with Eurogamer, Blizzard states there’s even more where that came from:

Whilst we’re talking new heroes, how did you find it when people started speculating that a new hero, called Sombra, was about to be revealed around the time of your last animated short? Was that strange, from your perspective?

Jeff Kaplan: No, it was not strange. We have put a lot of hints, all over the game and out of the game, so I would say it’s about time that people are concerned with who Sombra is. I hope they keep researching more and find more hints that are out there.

So they haven’t found everything yet?

Jeff Kaplan: No. No sir

Apparently, there’s a lot more than just a hidden hero to be uncovered, which leaves players with a lot of researching to do!

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