Overwatch: Here’s A List Of Skins And Their Price For Ana Amari

Ana Amari is the new support sniper that will be added to the overall roster of Overwatch. She has the ability to deal both offensive as well as healing support.

Ana Amari was recently revealed in a livestream by Blizzard. This new character will also have her own set of skins. While there is no release date given for when this character can be played by the public, PC users can gain access to Ana Amari by joining the Public Test Realm given by Blizzard for testing purpose.

Ana Amari has a total of 10 different skins including her default outfit. You can check out their names and screenshots in addition to the gold that is required to unlock them below.

  • Classic Skin (default)
  • Citrine (75)
  • Garnet (75)
  • Peridot (75)
  • Merciful (250)
  • Shrike (250)
  • Wadjet (1000)
  • Wasteland (1000)
  • Captain Amari (1000)
  • Horus (1000)
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Overwatch is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is an item-based first person shooter that has proven to be a major success for Blizzard, and has passed more than 10 million registered users worldwide.

Ana Amari is the latest character for Overwatch’s roster which now stands at 22 different type of heroes. Blizzard is planning to release more character for Overwatch in the near future in addition to Ana Amari.

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