Overwatch To Limit Teams To One Of Each Hero In Competitive Mode

Scott Mercer, principal designer at Blizzard, has confirmed that Overwatch’s Competitive mode will be getting a one hero per team limit in a future update.

What this means is that players will no longer be able to stack the same hero multiple times on a single team. This will greatly change the way matches play out because right now a team of characters such as Bastions, can prove to be an extremely difficult and unfair challenge. One thing to note is that this restriction will not be coming to Quick Play, so casual players can rest easy. Other than the obvious changes, this update could also potentially force players to try out different play styles by using characters they normally wouldn’t use.


Mercer also announced that Blizzard intends to drop Sudden Death when season 2 arrives and will instead allow matches to end without a win or a loss, saying that the developers did not want to make players feel like ties were a waste of their time and effort.

And finally there was talk of the newest addition to the game’s roster, Ana Amari, who is a sniper that can heal allies as well as deliver damage to enemies. To check out our coverage of Ana, click here.

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