Overwatch: Sombra Character Art Found On Blizzards Merch Shop

After months of speculation on the newest Hero character for Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch, it seems that yet another picture has been found online about the character named Sombra.

The picture, seen below, shows the character standing on what people online have speculated to be a giant Omnic hand. Threads of light emitted from a robotic arm or glove seem to be linking with the giant robotic hand implying that Sombra’s ability may have something to do with controlling said Omnic.


Also seen in the image is an automatic pistol or submachine gun of some sort, which could perhaps be her primary method of attack.

The picture itself was found on Blizzard’s official merchandise shop named Blizzard Gear, and even the artist named in the Picture has some wright to it. John Polidora is an illustrator and character designer that works as a senior concept artist for the Overwatch team, and has contributed to other art for the game aswell.

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As of now the picture has been removed from the website but speculation is about that we may be in for an official announcement on account of the fact that Blizzcon 2016 is just a few days away. Hopefully, that might just be the case.

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