Overwatch Update Version 2.58 (PS4) Patch Notes (PC, Xbox One)

Overwatch update version 2.58 (PS4) patch is out now on PC and Xbox One. Here are the full patch notes for this new update.

Overwatch is getting a new event with the start of this brand new year. This is the Lunar new year event 2019 which is for the year of the pig. Activision Blizzard has shared the detail on this new event and the changes included in Overwatch update version 2.58 which you can find in detail below.

There are updates to heroes Brigitte, D. Va, and Reaper. In addition, there are a lot of bug fixes, maps tweaks included in this update.

Overwatch Update Version 2.58 (PS4) Patch Notes (PC, Xbox One)



  • [PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug that caused a delay for heroes loading into the victory screen line up if they had a golden weapon equipped


  • [PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug that caused McCree’s model to distort if he used Combat Roll to the right with the Sherlock skin equipped


  • Fixed a bug that caused Tracer’s Pulse Bomb to detonate on the wrong side of Orisa’s Protective Barrier when it was placed on the front

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wrecking Ball’s proximity mines from being disabled by Sombra’s EMP
  • [PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug that caused Wrecking Ball’s golden weapon to display incorrectly when using certain skins

Competitive Play

  • Fixed a bug in Competitive Play that prevented the team color on the payload progress bar from switching after a round transition



  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to capture or contest the point from its exterior on Nepal’s Shrine stage

Overwatch is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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