Overwatch’s D.Va Announcer Coming To StarCraft 2

Overwatch’s D.Va will be coming to StarCraft 2 very soon as an announcer. The add-on will soon be available for users and will add a new voice to the popular strategy game. Many of you may know that the Overwatch character, D.Va, is a former professional StarCraft 2 player herself, but she gave up her gaming career to become a mech pilot.

Blizzard Entertainment is offering the announcer as part of the goodie bag for this year’s BlizzCon. Fans who attend the upcoming convention or purchase the Virtual Ticket for the event will receive the announcer for free. The goodie bag also include a D.Va portrait.


If you want to hear what D.Va sounds like in StarCraft 2, then Blizzard as provided some sample narrations on their Battle.net website. Click here to check out the game narrations. This announcer is a welcomed addition to the popular strategy game. BlizzCon is taking place from November 4th to November 5th.

Overwatch - Changes Coming To Competitive Season 2

Blizzard recently reached a new milestone with their popular first-person shooter game, Overwatch. The game has passed the 20 million players milestone and has continued its growth. Overwatch also has a holiday event underway called the Overwatch Halloween Terror. The halloween event added tons of new content to the game, as well as adding a new game mode to Overwatch.

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