Overwatch’s Symmetra Is Getting Reworked, New Ultimate Added

Overwatch is currently one of the most popular and the most played game of this year, boasting over 20 million players as of October 2016. But among its incredibly diverse cast of heroes there is one that has failed to stand out among her peers. This is Symmetra, and she is in the process of getting a complete overwork by Blizzard.

To make the character feel more useful, the developers are altering her abilities, such as taking the Photon Shield ability, and replacing it with the much more active Photon Barrier. She is also getting a brand new Ultimate: Shield Generator, which grants additional shields to any ally within its effective range regardless of any obstacles.


The full patch notes can be found below:



  • Added a new “Boop” unlockable voice line for Sombra
  • Players can now select the 1v1 Mystery Duel and 3v3 Elimination game modes from the Custom Game menu
  • Added a “Stay as Team” feature, which allows players to remain grouped with their teammates after the match has ended



  • New Abilities
    • Photon Barrier
      • Replaces her existing Photon Shield ability
      • Generates a large energy barrier in front of Symmetra that blocks enemy fire as it travels forward
    • Shield Generator (New Ultimate Ability)
      • Symmetra’s Ultimate ability now offers a choice between her Teleporter and a new option: Shield Generator
      • Shield Generator places a device that grants additional shields to any ally within the its effective radius, regardless of barriers, walls, or obstacles between heroes and the Shield Generator
  • Photon Projector (Primary Fire)
    • Range has been increased from 5 meters to 7 meters
  • Sentry Turret
    • Number of turrets that can be carried has been increased from 3 turrets to 6 turrets
    • Cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Teleporter
    • Decreased health from 200 to 50
    • Increased shields from 0 to 350
  • Photon Shield
    • Replaced with the new Photon Barrier ability

Keep in mind that Symmetra will still retain her Ultimate Teleporter ability, giving players the choice to choose between the two. You can read up on the changes on Blizzards official page here.

Overwatch Patch 1.5 (2.00) Is Out On PS4, Xbox One And PC, Adds Sombra And More

Released on 23rd May, 2016, Overwatch is available now on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. These new changes are available for testing on the Public Test Region on PC.

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