P.T Gets Remade In Dying Light Custom Map, Looks As Scary As The Original

P.T is Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece survival horror game. It was unfortunately cancelled once a short playable teaser of it was released, but it has continued to inspire survival horror indie games and it still carries a cult status among fans.

If you have access to Dying Light, you can download a custom map called ‘Repetition – The Horror House’. This custom map has been designed just like P.T where players navigate a closed hallway and have to keep doing it in a loop until the world around them starts to change in a horrifying way. You can watch this custom map in action in the video below.

After watching the video, we have to admire the time and effort that has gone in creating this map. The developers have tried to keep it as close to P.T as possible while adding their own interesting twists. The amazing thing is that they made this all with the custom map tools of Dying Light.


Dying Light has received an enhanced edition recently along with the release of The Following expansion. This expansion adds a whole new world map and story that can take around 20 hours to finish. The enhanced edition was also released as a free update for all the users who purchased the original Dying Light while The Following expansion can be bought separately for $20.

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