Paragon Is Taking The MOBA Scene To The Next Level

A few days ago, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus free games for the month of July. With the new free games, Sony also granted players early access to Paragon’s Beta. The MOBA has really blown up since the release of its Beta.

Epic Games’ Paragon is rapidly growing in popularity. Over a million users have signed up for the closed beta. The game is a Smite like MOBA, but better in every way possible. In Paragon, instead of purchasing items from a shop, like in every MOBA, players have to craft a deck of items. Your deck defines your play style and how you encounter an obstacle. Players use an in-game currency called Reputation to purchase Card packs, which you open to obtain cards to add to your deck. You can not purchase these card packs with real money, so you have to grind the game to get better items.


Epic Games releases a new hero after every two weeks. A couple of days ago, they released Khaimera, a jungler. With the addition of Khaimera, Paragon now features eighteen unique heroes. Keep in mind that the game is still in its Beta stage so a low hero pool is to be expected.

In it’s latest update, Epic Games added a new game mode to Paragon. When a new hero is released, you can expect everyone to try to pick the new hero. In draft mode, players are placed into a lobby where they will pick heroes according to their position in the draft and this will lower queue times.

If you have not managed to get your hands on a Beta code, then you can wait for Paragon’s open beta in August.

Abdullah Raza


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