Paragon’s New Map Goes Live On December 6

Epicgames had been hinting that a new update for Paragon will soon be coming out. Rumors were finally put to a rest as Epic recently announced that a new map, named the Monolith update, will be out on December 6, 2016.

The update is said to include some major changes. Some even say that it will change the game completely. Monolith includes a smaller map, a faster and more action-centered gameplay, and updated heroes. The game, however, will still be a MOBA.

Other changes include the removal of shadow pads/pools. Instead of these, Fog Walls have been introduced, which serve the same purpose, that is, to break the player’s line of sight.


Some anxious users fear that the new patch will make the game slower as it removes the Travel Mode. Epic, however, has promised the opposite by stating that they have “turned it up a notch. Maybe, two notches? Notch-ii? Regardless of the specific notches, the first major change is that gameplay is faster. Specifically, we’re talking about faster movement speed, ability and attack execution speed, and overall game lethality. We feel this direction will help Paragon truly achieve the goal we’ve always had: The MOBA that puts you in the action.

“The first part of our action pass involves player move speed. We want players to feel that they can get around the map without Travel Mode, but we also want to ensure that we have one unified speed for the game. To that end, we’ve upped the speed a lot. Once mastered, the new, faster move speeds will prove easier for players to understand in terms of which engagement ranges are safe and which are likely to land them with a free trip back to their Core.”

If you want to know about this new patch in more detail, visit Paragon’s website.


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