Paypal Massive Chargeback Leads To Automatic Bans For Several PSN Users

Paypal might have triggered a system automated chargeback on several Paypal accounts that are linked to the PSN UK leading to several bans for users who could have linked their Paypal account to their PSN and then used to to purchase something recently.

This news about chargeback was first reported by Kotaku UK who found it through an internal source. According to their sources, Paypal has made “mass chargeback on ‘thousands’ of Sony Entertainment Network transactions” and knowing the policy on a chargeback from Sony, it could trigger an auto-ban for the user who had his Paypal transaction revoked. Paypal hasn’t really commented on this matter and the reason for this is still unknown, but some users are already reporting about their accounts getting banned on both reddit, Twitter and NeoGAF.

One reddit user managed to get in touch with Sony about his banned account and had the following to share regarding this issue.

I spoke with Playstation Support, they say they only found out an hour ago and the guy said there are 100 calls in the queue. There is NO TIMESCALE at the moment on this issue.

It seems the issue is that the most recent PayPal payment has been returned, and the guy said engineers on both teams are working on this, but they have to work out the scale of the issue first.

We have contacted both Sony and Paypal for a statement and will post an update if we get one, however in the meanwhile, if you are one of the user who has been randomly banned due to a chargeback recently, we highly recommend getting in touch with Sony Customer Support. You might need to purchase PSN digital code to remove the negative balance from your account and get it unbanned.

Let us know if you are facing any issues with your PSN account in the comments below.


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