PC Gaming revenue surpasses that of consoles worldwide

It seems that the “Master race” is still alive and truly kicking! According to the recent report published by DFC Intelligence the revenue from PC gaming has surpassed that of consoles. DFC Intelligence “specializes in market research and strategic analysis of issues in the worldwide PC game, video game, online game and multimedia industries.” It should be noted that this is the same company which predicted in 2011 that the PC revenue would outdo consoles by 2015.


Speaking with PCR, the owner of DFC Intelligence, David Cole said

“On a global basis PC games have surpassed console games but the new console systems means consoles should show an increase.”

He also pointed out that now a days, PCs are considered a necessity and consoles are a “luxury” item. Something which has changed drastically over the years

“Among core gamers there is a heavy overlap with most console gamers also playing on a PC. The big difference is that consoles are now the luxury item and PCs are the necessity. Just a few years ago the reverse was true.  This means PCs have the broader audience.”

When asked about some popular genre of games, he responded

“The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games League of Legends and Dota 2 dominate everything else by an order of magnitude in terms of more usage than other products. In the first part of 2014 we saw some signs that may change with the introduction of new titles and some increased play of games outside the MOBA category. But MOBA is dominant. Beyond that it is a nice mix of MMO (massively Multiplayer Online), strategy and first person shooter.

We can say that our top 20 list for 2013 had no titles released that year and in Q1 2014 we saw three new titles crack the list: DayZ, Rust and Hearthstone.”

Cole was also surprised at the consistency of PC gamers, who recorded almost flat playing time despite a lack of decent titles in 2013

“PC player hours have also been remarkably consistent. We had expected hours to fall in 2013 because there were not any major new releases. However, hours were actually flat with 2012 which bodes very well for the market going forward as more triple-A titles are released.”

So it seems that PC gaming is here to stay, despite what the console fan-boys say! What do you think about his words? Let us know in the comments

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