DualShock 4 controller can also work with Xbox 360

With just a few weeks away from launch, the excitement for the next-generation consoles seem to be at no end. Compiled with a lot of rumours and revelations, the hype for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hasn’t fallen down one bit. Ever since DualShock 4, the re-designed controller for the PlayStation 4 hit the shelves in advance of the PlayStation 4 itself, gamers bought the controller and tested it out with their PlayStation 3 and PC. Some even went above and beyond and did custom jobs on their DualShock 4.


One user, however, claims that he got the DualShock 4 working on the Xbox 360. Yes, the Xbox 360, the rival platform of Sony. The user, RageBeefSA, uploaded a video on YouTube which shows him navigating Xbox 360’s menu and playing a game. He achieved functionality by using a combination of JoyToKey, a Cronus device and Cronus Bullseye software.

You can see the video below:

We know that the DualShock 4 works on the PlayStation 3, PCs and Macs. Although he used a combination of things to get the DualShock 4 working on the Xbox 360, it is still impressive. It is pretty impossible that native support for the DualShock 4 will ever come to Xbox platform.

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