People are searching PornHub for “Bowsette”, over 500k searches in 72 hours

Okay the Bowsette craze is pretty real, and it was only a few hours till the inital artwork came out that people started making Rule34 versions of the fan-made character.

Today we have some interesting news about the character that could certainly wreck the sleep of some Nintendo executives.

The world’s most popular Porn Streaming website gave their input on the matter today, showing just how popular the character’s “naughty” stuff had gotten.

Bowsette searches didn’t exist before September 22nd, but appeared first on September 23rd and then grew exponentially. On September 26th, 323,179 people searched for “Bowsette” on Pornhub. Bowser also received some additional attention. While a few hundred people were already searching for “Bowser” on a daily basis, his searches reached as high as 51,882 on September 26th. The dynamic duo shelled out over 500,000 Pornhub searches in just over 72 hours!

Pornhub’s statisticians report that men were 271% more likely to search “Bowser” and 342% more likely to search “Bowsette” when compared to women. Millennials aged 18 to 34 were 214% more likely to search “Bowsette” when compared to visitors aged 35 and up.

They also showed some of the more popular keywords that people were using to search for the character:

The most common Bowsette searches:

Bowsette porn
Bowsette hentai
Bowsette cosplay
Bowsette JOI

The most common Bowser searches:

Princess Peach Bowser
Bowser hentai
Princess Bowser
Bowser Peach
Hot girl Bowser
Female Bowser
Girl Bowser

My Twitter has been blowing up with some great but sometimes “questionable” art of the character. Personally I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a fan.

For those unaware Bowsette is what artist ayyk92 imagines a human-like genderbend Bowser would look like. The character has been going viral on social media for a week or so now.

Thoughts on Bowsette? Let us know in the comments.

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