Persona 3 getting a movie called Persona 3: The Movie #1: Spring of Rebirth, first trailer released

The Persona series is one of my favorite games series ever, and I just found out that Persona 3 is getting it’s own movie called Persona 3: The Movie #1: Spring of Rebirth. The title suggests that Persona 3: The Movie #1: Spring of Rebirth will be the first of multiple Persona movies. So far Persona 3: The Movie #1: Spring of Rebirth has been announced for Japan only with it hitting theaters November 23rd.

So without further-ado check out the debut trailer below:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”qnC9IDJma6M”]

For people who haven’t played Persona 3 or any of the Persona games in general are really missing out. Persona 3 and Persona 4 are one of the best games of the last generation, both were originally released on the PS2 but were later remade for the PSP and PS Vita respectively. The PSP version of Persona 3 titled Persona 3 Portable is available on the Playstation Store to download on the Vita, it’s pretty cheap so you should definitely check it out.


Tickets for the movie go on sale early at August 10th and whoever purchases a ticket will get a free character clear file and Persona leaflet (more information can be found here) with the choices being between Makoto Yuki and Orpheus, Yukari Takeba and Io, or Junpei Iori and Hermes. Tickets will cost 1,500 yen when pre-ordering and 1,800 yen afterwards.


The movie’s website can be found here. Are you looking forward to the movie? I personally cannot wait.

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