Persona 4 Dancing All Night finally gets a release date, special editions revealed

Persona 4 Dancing All Night is being heavily featured in Atlus’ 30 hour Persona live stream. Just now a release date for the game was finally announced and it’s still quite the time off I’m afraid. Persona 4 Dancing All Night will release in Japan for the PS Vita on 25 June 2015. A western release will obviously come after that, usually they don’t take more than a couple of months.

Along with the release date and the game’s main theme, Atlus also revealed two special editions for Persona 4 Dancing All Night:

The “Crazy Value Pack” will include the game, two soundtrack discs and with an original DLC set. This pack will cost 9,980 yen before taxes.


The “Premium Crazy Box” will include all the items from the aforementioned “Crazy Value Pack” along with an special Persona 4 Dancing All Night-themed PlayStation Vita. This pack wil cost 28,980 yen before tax.


Below are a few more images of the PS Vita:

I’m seriously tempted and hope these special editions come with the Persona 4 Dancing All Night’s western release as well. Check out the game’s newest trailer here.

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