Persona 5 Trophy Guide: The City’s Big Hitter Trophy

Among the several trophies of Persona 5, is The City’s Big Hitter Trophy. This is one of the more fun trophies to get, and it is very easy as well.

The City’s Big Hitter Trophy is very easy to earn, as the players only have to hit a home run in the batting cages to get it. This guide will help you earn this trophy with ease.

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The City’s Big Hitter Trophy For Persona 5:

This trophy is not hard, nor is it time consuming. It can be completed in a few minutes, however, some players may have a hard time hitting a home run, as it isn’t the easiest thing to do in the game.

To attempt to earn this trophy, players will have to make their way to the Yongen-Jaya Backstreets. Here they can follow the stairs that lead to the batting cages. Once you are there, pay the man at the counter and get ready to hit a home run.

Hitting the home run can be hard, as it requires precise timing and a proper angle to hit the ball. Get inside the batting cages and give it a shot. Keep in mind that your bat has to hit the lower part of the ball in order to hit a home run.

The game gives you less then a second to hit the ball. Hit the ball at the proper time and you must hit the bull’s eye on the cage in front of you.This may take some time, so keep going at it. If you manage to hit the Bull’s eye with the ball, you will earn the trophy.

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Hopefully this guide helped you earn The City’s Big Hitter Trophy. Persona 5 is now available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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