Persona 5 Delayed To April 4, Will Have Dual Audio Support

Atlus USA has officially announced the delay for their upcoming turn-based RPG, Persona 5. The game was originally set to release in February 2017 but it has been now delayed to April 4.

This delay was announced in a stream held by Atlus USA. The other announcement was about the Dual Audio, which is now confirmed for the game. This meas that users will be able to switch between the English audio or the Japanese audio track. The Japanese audio will be available as a free DLC after the game’s launch. It is optional and can be downloaded by those who wish to play the game with Japanese audio.

Atlus stated the reason of delay as needing more time to work on the localization. Perhaps they will improve the writing so it is more entertaining, only time will tell.


Persona 5 will launch on April 4th for the PS3 and PS4. The game was released in Japan early this September and was confirmed for a Western release in February 2017. This is the 3rd delay for the game, as it was originally set to release in Winter 2015 for the PS3. The addition of PS4 as a platform was announced at PSX Experience 2015.

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