Persona 5: Where To Find Injured Players (Uncover Kamoshida’s Abuses)

In Persona 5, players will come across a mission where they will have to Uncover Kamoshida’s Abuses. The mission will have players search and speak to injured Volleyball players that are scattered around the Shujin Academy.

These Volleyball players can be hard to find, as the Academy is quite large. There are a total of three Volleyball players that you will have to find. This guide will help you find all the injured Volleyball players at the Academy.

Persona 5

Finding All Injured Volleyball Players In Persona 5:

Players will have to find all three of the Injured Volleyball players in order to progress through the mission. All three Volleyball players can be found in the Classroom building.

Volleyball Player #1:

The first volleyball player is in a classroom on the second floor of the Classroom building. Enter the classroom building through the Courtyard entrance and go up the stairs. Turn left and enter classroom 2-D, which is the first classroom on the left. The injured player will be standing at the front of the class.

Volleyball Player #2:

Once you find the first volleyball player, head out of the classroom and go down the stairs you came from. When you reach the first floor, turn right and the second volleyball player will be standing in the hallway.

Volleyball Player #3:

The final volleyball player is on the third floor of the classroom building. You can find him standing in front of a notice board.

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Now that you have found all three players, you can progress through the mission. Hopefully this guide helped you locate all volleyball players. Persona 5 is now available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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