Persona 5: Every Type of Fusion Combination Chart

Persona 5 features fusion of two different Persona types in order to create a new one. Depending on the Arcana of the Persona, the final result can end up being a different one and since there are around 21 different type of Arcana, there are a lot of combinations to try here.

The Persona featured in the game are based on various tarot cards and divided among different types from Fool to Judgement. These Arcana types are also related to the Confidant, improving relationship with them can have an effect on the fusion in the form of increased experience points for the Persona.

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Persona Fusion Combination Chart For Every Arcana In Persona 5

If you wanted to see the chart that deals with the fusion combination of every Persona, you can find it below. This chart is helpful in determining the specific requirements of a Persona and how to obtain them.

The other factors that can affect a fusion including the rank of the particular Arcana for example if you fuse Fool with Lovers, you will get Chariot type Persona. If you have a higher rank with the Chariot Confidant, the Persona will end up with bonus experience points that are crucial because with each level up, the Persona will gain new skills or improve its stats.

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Persona 5 is available now for the PS3 and PS4.

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