Persona 5 Guide: How To Craft Every Infiltration Tools

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Persona 5 gives the player the option to craft a variety of infiltration tools that can be used either in battle or when exploring the game. These tools can be immensely useful as they allow the player to perform a variety of actions. Completing every tool will also award the player with a trophy so if you are aiming for completing the game 100%, you will need to attempt to craft all these infiltration tools.

How To Craft Every Infiltration Tools

The following table below lists the infiltration tools along with their required items

Vanish Ball Thick Parchment x1, Plant Balm x1
Spotlight Thick Parchment x2, Cork Bark x2, Silk Yarn x1
Limelight Condenser Lens x4, Aluminum Sheet x2, Tanned Leather x4
Megido Bomb Tanned Leather x4, Red Phosphorus x3, Liquid Mercury x2
Element Set Tin Clasp x3, Plant Balm x3, Cork Bark x3
Forces Set Silk Yarn x3, Iron Sand x3, Condenser Lens x3
Lockpick Silk Yarn x1, Tin Clasp x1
Eternal Lockpick Aluminum Sheet x20, Liquid Mercury x10
Stealthanol Plant Balm x2
Convertizer Plant Balm x2, Cork Bark x2
Goho-M Silk Yarn x1, Plant Balm x1
Smokescreen Thick Parchment x2, Plant Balm x2
Hypno Mist Silk Yarn x3, Plant Balm x1, Iron Sand x3
Reserve Ammo Iron Sand x10, Aluminum Sheet x10, Red Phosphorus x10
Treasure Trap Silk Yarn x2, Plant Balm x3, Cork Bark x1
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You can craft these tools at night on the workbench in your room by talking with Morgana. Some of these won’t be possible until you improve your skills and unlock the ‘Ace Tools’ skill. You can also level up the Temperance Confidant to take a break from school and craft tools at home. You can purchase the items needed for these tools from the various shops located around the world map.

Persona 5 will be released on April 5th for the PS3 and PS4.

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