Persona 5 Guide: How To Easily Make Money

Money is an important aspect of Persona 5 since it allows you to purchase weapons, accessories and protective gear for the party members, which is important during dungeon navigation. Money is also hard to come by in Persona 5 so this guide serves the purpose of detailing methods that should allow you to easily make some money.

How To Easily Make Money In Persona 5

There are a variety of ways in order to make money in Persona 5. They are listed below.

  • Money can be obtained from fights the enemies in the Dungeon. Make sure to kill the enemies since negotiating doesn’t offer much money unless you specifically ask for it.
  • Money can be obtained by negotiating with a Persona and then asking for money in return. This can be improved by investing in the skills that improve negotiation resulting in the Persona giving more money.
  • During exploration in dungeons, make sure that you use the right eye to look for any glowing objects. These are treasures that can be later sold in the weapons shop for some easy money.
  • You can take part-time job by reading the newspaper in the Underground Walkway. These part-time jobs offer different income depending on the timing of the job which can be from day time to night time.
  • You can sell some of the old weapons or items that you pick in dungeon to generate some extra income.
  • You can buy lottery tickets from the station that can let you win a large amount of money easily. Of course, this depends on luck as well.

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