Persona 5 Guide: How To Find And Complete All Mementos Requests

Persona 5 features some extra sidequests that are presented in the form of requests. These requests can be obtained through mementos and they need to be completed before 12/22 so make sure you attempt all of them in order to get the associated trophy for them.

Each of these requests can be attempted at any time although some of them have a certain requirement like doing a part time job at one of the 3 locations.

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The chart below lists all the requests that can be attempted in the game. Some of them are also tied to achieving a certain rank with a confidant.

The Bark and Bite of a Bully
(Aiyatsbus: Area 2)
Beware the Clingy Ex-Boyfriend!
(Qimranut: Area 1)
Phantom Thieves VS Burglary Ring
(Aiyatsbus: Area 6)
One Who Bullies
(Aiyatsbus: Area 5)
Sadism Is Just a Sign of Love
(Aiyatsbus: Area 7)
Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya?
(Kaitul: Area 10)
The Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl
(Chemdah: Area 8)
Part-time Job, Full-time Hell
(Chemdah: Area 1)
We Aren’t Just Your Slaves [Crossroads Bar] (Kaitul: Area 8) Who’s Been Assaulting People? [Flower Shop] (Kaitul: Area 5) Calling for Justice for Cats [Convenience Store] (Kaitul: Area 1)
Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse [Fortune] (Chemdah: Area 3) Debunking the Psychic! [Fortune] (Kaitul: Area 3) Shady Deal in the Shadows [Hanged Man] (Kaitul: Area 4)
Bad Medicine [Death] (Chemdah: Area 2) A Teacher Maid to Suffer [Temperance] (Chemdah: Area 7) Fighting for Truth in Journalism [Devil] (Kaitul: Area 9)
Winners Don’t Use Cheats
(Akzeriyyuth: Area 5)
The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash
(Akzeriyyuth: Area 12)
Man of Many Faces and Debts
(Akzeriyyuth: Area 3)
Upstaging the Stage Mother [Star] (Akzeriyyuth: Area 6) The Money-grubbing Uncle [Hierophant] (Unique Mementos Area)
Swindling Old Folk is Pretty Low
(Adyeshach: Area 13)
Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket [Hermit] (Adyeshach: Area 3) A Mother’s Aggression [Tower] (Adyeshach: Area 11)
The Head Honcho in Showbiz
(Sheriruth: Area 14)

Since there is nothing to miss here or any time limit, you can attempt them at any point in the story but make sure to do so before 12/22.

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Persona 5 is available now for the PS3 and PS4.

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