Persona 5 Guide: How To Find And Defeat All Secret Boss Fights

Persona 5 is a huge game and even if you are done with it the first time, there is still the possibility of playing the game in new game plus mode which allows you to unlock even more secrets or complete the social links that you couldn’t do in your original playthrough.

If you haven’t played Persona 5, this guide is not for you as it contains potential spoilers for the story and content. If you have played the game and are looking for more secrets to discover, you can follow this guide.

How To Defeat Twins And Get ‘Beyond Rehabilitation’ Trophy

This trophy can only be obtained in new game+ mode so you will have to complete the game the first time in order to unlock it. You can attempt this boss fight on any difficulty mode provided you are starting with a new game+.

This boss fight can be attempted once you have unlocked Mementos. To start the fight, just talk with Caroline outside the Velvet room at the entrance of the Mementos. The stats for the twins can be seen below.

Caroline 8000 HP No weaknesses or resistances Tends to use Phys, Fire, Elec, Psy, and Bless attacks
Justine 8000 HP No weaknesses or resistances Tends to use Gun, Ice, Wind, Nuke, and Curse attacks

The best strategy to use during this fight is to keep alternating your attacks between the twins. If you focus on just one of them, the other can restore is HP or perform a complete revive, which means you will have to start the whole process again. Your best bet here is to attack them while keeping their HP in mind and then make sure to kill them both in one turn.

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The twins have a variety of phases in the game and this can be seen when they interrupt the battle to talk with the player, which signals a change of phase. They start using a different skill or ability depending on their current phase. It is a tricky battle but if you are having trouble, you can try using the following Persona.

Tower Yoshitsune
Hassou Tobi Charge Ali Dance Drain Ice
Drain Wind Drain Psy Drain Nuke Repel Curse

How To Defeat Reaper And Get ‘A Unique Rebel’ Trophy

These are secret bosses that are tough to beat and they will appear in Mementos if you idle for too long. They were also present in the previous two games and could easily kill the player making for some terrifying boss fight.

The reaper will aim for the weakness of your characters so you will need to be well prepared to defeat him otherwise it is game over. If there is no weakness that it can exploit, it will target the resistance of the characters.

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There is no good strategy in defeating them since they don’t have any weakness. It is usually a battle of healing and making sure that enough damage has been done on them so they go down quickly. This will also require you to be at a higher level than the reaper while having good weapons and strong defense. There is an exploit available though that can result in a far easier battle with the reapers.

How To Easily Defeat Reaper With Exploit And Gain Experience Points

Persona 5 has certain weather conditions and one of them is the Flu season. During this season, enemies will start with a Despair status ailment that renders them useless to fight for a couple of rounds. This season has an exact opposite effect on the Reaper who can actually kill himself if entered in battle, giving you all its experience points and money for free.

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The best time to use this exploit is during the following days: 11/13, 11/14, 11/15, 12/8, 12/9. You have to enter a battle with the reaper in Mementos in the listed days and make sure to check if they have despair status ailment. If they don’t have it, run away from the fight and try it again with a different reaper. You will also have to avoid any ambushes from them.

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Persona 5 is available now for the PS3 and PS4.

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