Persona 5 Guide: How To Find And Read All Books

Persona 5 allows the player to perform a variety of activities. There are mini games like the fishing mini game, or playing video games and even a batting mini game. These are all good for some spending some time in the game’s world and they provide additional skills on top of it.

Reading is an important aspect in Persona 5 since not only it will unlock new skills or improve some of the social stats, it is also provides short cut to achieving some tasks like unlocking fishing and catching legendary fish.

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How To Find And Read All Books In Persona 5

There are various way to read books in Persona 5. You can find them through the side missions, go to a library to read them, or buy them from the book store. To read them, you can also spend some time reading them during the following specific dates, when you manage to sit in a train on your way to school: 4/20, 4/25, 4/30, 5/21, 5/24, 5/30, 6/3, 6/15, 6/23, 7/1, 7/4, 7/8, 9/24, 9/28, 10/6, 11/2, 11/5, 11/10, 11/14, 11/17. This will allow you to read a section of book without skipping time.

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The full list of books and where to find them can be seen in the table below. The first book is obtained free during a story event so you can’t really miss it.

Leblanc Attic – Cleaning Room
Yoncha Wanderer
Shujin Academy Library
The Great Thief Pirate Legend Zorro, the Outlaw The Alluring Dancer The Gallant Rogue
The Illusory Popess Cry of Cthulu Woman in the Dark
Tidying the Heart Buchiko’s Story Playing the Game Medjed Menace Weekend Parks
Vauge Wise Men’s Words Nightlife Hotspots Ghost Encounters Fishpond Spotter
Tokyo Shrines Museum of Stars Musty Pages
Flowerpedia Batting Science Essence of Fishing Cinema Treasures Game Secrets
Master Swordsman = Call Me Chief = Reckless Casanova Speed Reading
Mementos Request Reward
Theme Park Escort
(We Aren’t Just Your Slaves)
Chinese Sweets
(Part-time Job, Full-time Hell)
Shitamachi Reborn
(Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya?)

You can read the books faster by unlocking the skill ‘Speed Reading’ which require you to read the books in the following order: Master Swordsman, Call Me Chief, and Reckless Casanova. Some of the books available in the list above require specific requirements in order to be available, for example the Fishing Book won’t be available until the mini game is unlocked.

Persona 5 will be released on April 4th for the PS3 and PS4.

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