Persona 5 Guide: How To Negotiate And Capture Persona

Persona 5 bring back negotiations with other enemies Persona, which can be a tricky process since you need to answer a variety of questions in order to negotiate with them leading to their capture.

There are a variety of ways using which you can negotiate with a Persona or capture them in the game and they all deal with your knowledge of the personal traits of the Persona in question.

How To Negotiate Persona And Find Their Weakness

If you don’t have the skill unlocked that allows you to see the weakness of each Persona, you will have to test you luck with the Persona by performing the elemental magic attacks or guns to see which move can cause the Persona to achieve a ‘weak’ state. If you already know the weakness of each Persona, then you can simply press the R1 button to use the move that makes the Persona enter a ‘weak’ state. Once all the Persona in a battle are in the ‘weak’ state, you can approach them and either perform an All-Out Attack or talk with them to negotiate and recruit them, or ask them for money and items.

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Negotiation process will result in a variety of questions that have to be answered correctly in order to get the Persona. You need to see the personal traits of a Persona before answering these questions as they are helpful in determining their personality.

How To Easily Negotiate With A Persona

If you are having trouble determining the correct answer during a negotiation, you can spend some time to level up the Sun Arcana which will help with the negotiation process. If you manage to reach the max rank for that Confidant, you will gain the ability to let the Persona join your party without having to rely on negotiation.

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How To Make Persona Panic And Fear You

There is another trick that allows the Persona you join your party and this can be done by killing a group of Persona to leave just one of them alive with little help left. This will result in the Persona panicking with fear and they will approach the player asking for forgiveness. This option lets you either ask them to join your team or get money and items from them. It is the same as the default negotiation except you won’t have to answer any silly questions for them and they will join automatically without much trouble.

Persona 5 will be out on April 4th for the PS3 and PS4.

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