Persona 5 Guide: How To Unlock All Important Skills And Abilities

You will need to unlock some of the more important skills and abilities if you want to have an easier time in Persona 5. There are a lot of abilities and skills that are limited to a specific condition, like reaching a certain rank with a Confidant.

There are a variety of skills, some restricted to the main character, while others can be used by the different party members. There are also skills that unlock new activities to perform in the game’s world leading to an increase in the social stats.

How To Unlock Baton Pass Skill For Every Character

Baton Pass is a special skill in Persona 5 that gives the character an extra turn if they manage to perform a strike that enters the enemy in a ‘weak’ state. This skill has to be unlocked for every character if you want to use Baton Pass with them. To unlock this skill for every character, you will need to reach confidant rank 2 with them.

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How To Unlock Follow Up Skill For Every Character

This is another useful skill that can come handy in battle. To unlock it, you will need to reach confidant rank 3 with each of the party member.

How To Unlock Endure Skill For Every Character

This special skill can sometimes turn the tide of the battle as it can help save the main character from certain death. The party member who has this skill available can step in to take the blow from enemy in case the main character is unable to survive it. To unlock it, you will need to reach confidant rank 8 with each of the character.

How To Unlock Harisen Recovery Ability For Every Character

This important ability works in battle by giving the character, that has this ability unlocked, the choice to perform healing for the status ailment inflicted on the party members. To unlock this ability, reach confidant rank 6 with each character.

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How To Unlock Second Persona For Every Character

The second Persona form is usually an extremely powerful one and it always require you to commit some time in order to reach the max rank with each of the character. This can be triggered if you reach confidant rank 10 with each character.

Persona 5 is available now for the PS3 and PS4.

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