Persona 5 New Trailer Leaked Online

Hooray! The new persona 5 trailer that came with the first print copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night just leaked online and you can watch it below(we can’t assure for how much time it will remain online. Watch it as soon as you can):

UPDATE: Atlus took down the Youtube trailer, but you can still watch it here.

The trailer showcases once again the fantastic world of Persona 5, revolved around its characters which are “Student by day, thief at night”. We still don’t know what the evil is in this game but one of the main themes will be to “Steal back your future” as shown at the end of the trailer.


The music in the trailer is awesome and the animations in battles and dungeon crawling are stunning. The game will still feature a turn based combat system but it’s more stylish than ever. A new blue haired character is shown in the video, an ally or possibly an enemy. We also see the main character at the end of the trailer imprisoned in the Velvet room. Igor, we need some explaination!

We still don’t have a specific release date. The game will come out for PS4 and PS3 sometime in 2015.

Let us know what you think of this trailer in the comments below.

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