Persona 5: How To Solve Painting Puzzles In Second Dungeon

In Persona 5, players will go into a mission where they will have to steal Madarame’s Heart. This mission will take you into the second Dungeon of the game. While you explore the large dungeon, you will come across some puzzles that might give some players a hard time.

There are two painting puzzles in the mission, which came at around the midway point of the dungeon. For players who are having difficulty solving these puzzles, this guide will help you solve them.

Persona 5

How To Solve The Painting Puzzles In Persona 5:

You will come across two painting puzzles in this area. Neither one of them are that hard to complete, so you will have an easy time completing them with the help of this guide.

First Painting Puzzle:

The first puzzle will have to travel through some paintings, in order to progress through the area. In the area that comes after the Treasure Hall Safe Room, you will have the first painting puzzle. These paintings will help you get across the scaffolds.

To start it off, you will have to jump into the Desert painting and run towards the right side. This will lead you into the painting with a Red Arch and a mountain in the background. In order to progress, walk through the Arch, which will lead you to the next painting. In the green painting, jump up the rocks until you reach the highest point and run forward. Now you will be in the Orange painting, and you will have to walk to the right side and jump out. That’s the end of the first puzzle.

Second Painting Puzzle:

The second painting puzzle is in the room with the stairs. In this area, players will have to locate the real Sayuri painting. If you choose the fake Sayuri painting, you will be confronted by enemies.

The real painting is very easy to recognize. The real Sayuri painting will have the woman wearing a Crimson Dress, with her hair coming over her left shoulder and there is a tree branch in the background. The image of the real painting is given above. Now that you have solved both the painting puzzles, you will be able to progress through the dungeon.

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Hopefully this guide helped you complete the two Painting puzzles with ease. Persona 5 is now available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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