Persona 5 R Is Exclusive To Nintendo Switch, Releasing In Early 2019 [Rumor] [Update]

Atlus has recently registered and updated multiple Persona 5 related domain with one of them having the extension Persona 5 R. Fans were speculating that this might be a Persona 5 complete release, and now one insider has chimed in with the info that this is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

The leaker goes by the nickname MysticDistance, who was verified by mods on resetERA forums confirmed that this upcoming Persona 5 release is going to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch hardware. He didn’t exactly share why it will be the case but he wasn’t sure about it either. The announcement of this port will happen after the premiere of the Persona 5 animated OVA Dark Sun unless plans change.

Here are the key points shared by MysticDistance, which are all rumor for now so don’t take this as confirmation.

1. P5R will be announced after the “Dark Sun…” OVA.
2. P5R is P5 for Switch.
3. Switch exclusivity is likely from my interactions, but not solidly confirmed as the above are. It could very well be Switch/PS4. All I know for a fact is that it is a Switch title.
4. The release window I was given does not suggest a release early on in 2019. I won’t post it in the off-chance that it was subject to change, something I wouldn’t be able to verify at this moment sadly.

Update: Persona 5 R has been announced by Atlus. There were no platforms mentioned on the website but the teaser started with the PlayStation logo so this rumor was likely false. While this doesn’t discontinue a potential¬†Nintendo Switch version, we can likely disregard any exclusivity for it.

The interesting point that he mentions is that this will be a worldwide launch which seems to be a first for Atlus games which typically take their time with localizations. Whether this is true or another rumor that has to be taken with a grain of salt, it is not long until we find out about it as we head into the new year.

Persona 5’s Joker is now a DLC character for Smash and Sakurai, who is in charge of Smash Bros, recently visited Atlus HQ. He is also a fan of the Persona series, so there is some degree of communication and mutual interaction between Nintendo and Atlus which won’t make it unlikely to see Persona 5 heading to Nintendo Switch as an exclusive.

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