Persona 5 Official Website Hacked, Fake Release Date Posted

Persona 5 official website was hacked recently and the hacker managed to sneak in a fake release date for the game along with a PC version announcement. This news was meet with a surprise because it was on the official Persona 5 website and while there was no confirmation of a PC version, the hacker completely omitted the PS3 version.

Persona 5 was originally released as a PS3 exclusive set to release in Winter 2014 and it was later delayed to 2015. The game was then confirmed for PS4 and faced another delay to Summer 2016. Atlus is currently teasing a mysterious countdown for the game on their website which might reveal the release date for the game in Japan this Summer.

While Atlus will share an update on May 4th, one user managed to gain access to the official Japanese website for Persona 5 and added a date of July 8th for the game along with the PC version. You can check out a cached version of this page below.


Atlus USA PR manager John Hardin was quick to dismiss this rumor and put to rest any speculation regarding the release date and PC version of the game.

Persona 5 is currently set for a Summer 2016 release in Japan for the PS3 and PS4. Atlus USA hasn’t confirmed a release window for the game in the West but it is expected to be announced shortly after the game launches in Japan.

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