Persona 5 Royal FAQ reveals DLC details, future plans, new trailer released

Developers Altus put up a new FAQ on the website about Persona 5 Royal that provides some integral details on some of the questions you might be wondering about.

  • No loading save data from base game to Royal to carry over levels or Persona Compendium data. You will however get some useful bonuses/items at the beginning on of the game if you have save data from the original.
  • Currently no plans to release Persona 5 Royal for any other platforms other than PS4.
  • You’ll need to re-purchase previously bought DLC for the main game, however Atlus will run a special “one content for 10 yen.” for what they claim are due to “commercial reasons”.

There’s also a brand new trailer featuring Kasumi check it out below:

Persona 5 Royal releases October 31 in Japan and sometime during 2020 in Western regions exclusively for the PS4.

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