Persona 5 Royal releases early next year in the West on PS4

Atlus has finally announced a western release date for Persona 5 Royal. The game will release for the PS4 on March 21, 2020 in North America and Europe.

Persona 5 Royal will release in four editions, they’re detailed below:

The Persona 5 Royal “Launch Edition”, is priced at the standard $60 and will include the game in a Limited Edition Steelbook Case as well as an exclusive PS4 Dynamic Theme. For those who will be buying the game digitally, the Standard Digital Edition will also include the aforementioned theme.

The Persona 5 Royale “Phantom Thieves Edition”, priced at $90 is where things get interesting. This edition is mostly the same as the equivalent Collector’s Edition in Japan but you’re replacing a T-Shirt with the signature Joker Mask on a stand. In addition to the stand you’ll also get the same Steelbook Case as the “Launch Edition”, a Soundtrack CD, Art Book, Dynamic Theme and Collector’s Box.

The other two editions are digital with the first of them being the Digital Deluxe Edition priced at $70, which will include the game along with the “Kasumi Costume Bundle”.

Finally the Digital Ultimate Edition, priced at $100; will include the “Persona 5 Royal DLC Pack”. The aforementioned pack includes all the game’s DLC including everything in the “Kasumi Costume Bundle”, “Battle Bundle” and “Persona Bundle” as well as six other costume bundles. This is the edition you want if you want all the content the game has to offer.

One last thing in terms of the game’s content, all Persona 5 DLC will be free for Persona 5 Royal buyers. So that’s a ton of money saved there me personally.

Persona 5 Royal is set to release for the PS4 in North America and Europe on March 31, 2020.

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