Persona 5 S Official Website goes live, promises more information later this month

In an interesting turn of events the official website for Persona 5 S has just gone live.

It’s been speculated that Persona 5 S is the Switch port of the game and was considered to be part of or the same as Persona 5 R. That game was recently revealed to be Persona 5 The Royal, which is only confirmed for the PS4 so far.

The website only has a calendar date pointing to April 25, hinting at more information will be provided at the date. This is one day after the supposed media blowout for Persona 5 The Royal is teased.

The domain was owned by the same company that handled developer Atlus’ other domains but recently was moved to their own servers and updated with the tease.

It certainly is getting frustrating for fans as we know next to nothing about what Atlus is attempting with these teases. I just wish they would just come out and announce all the details already.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about Persona 5 S and Persona 5 The Royale so stay tuned to the site.

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