Phil Harrison Teases Rare’s Next Project, Calls It “Exciting Stuff”

Phil Harrison recently confirmed that he has left Microsoft. Now that the news is out about him leaving Microsoft, he has announced that he is starting his own company named “Alloy Platform Industries” which aims to deal with “bleeding edge of consumer tech.” interviewed Phil Harrison after his departure from Microsoft and he gave some interesting responses regarding his position at Microsoft.

Harrison mentioned that working alongside Rare and Lionhead Studios was the highlight of his career during his stay at Microsoft. “One thing I would want to say, just talking about Lift but more broadly across the studios in the UK…For me the highlight of my last three years at Microsoft was being able to work alongside and lead Rare and Lionhead, and obviously we talked about Lift and Soho.”

“Having a chance to work with those kind of crown jewels of game development is a pretty amazing opportunity. So I have a huge amount of respect and excitement for what Lionhead and Rare are doing next,” said Harrison.


Harrison then mentioned that while Lionhead Studios has already revealed their next project (Fable Legends), Rare is yet to reveal their upcoming project and he seems rather proud of it, calling it “Exciting Stuff.”

“And obviously Lionhead’s new project is well understood and well known. What Rare is doing next is still under wraps, but it’s pretty exciting stuff, certainly something that would be a career highlight for me to have had a small hand on the tiller, so to speak, during the creation of what Rare is doing next.”

This is definitely an interesting statement as this makes it sound like the project will play a big role for Rare, who has been focused on Kinect-related games for the past couple of years. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer did tease that they plan to bring back some of their classic IPs and this also included games like Banjo Kazooie and Battletoads.

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