Phil Spencer: 2016 Will Be A Fun Year For New IPs On Xbox One; Details X360 BC Games Launch For Dec

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer recently replied to some of his followers on Twitter giving us little tidbits and updates on their plans for the Xbox One.

First of all, Phil Spencer was asked about the announcement of new games to be added to Backwards Compatibility list for the Xbox One in December. He confirmed that they are still in working on it and it should be completed in mid-December.

He also confirmed that they don’t have any plans to Remake Otogi and that Phantom Dust Reboot is not scrapped. Spencer was also interested in doing a Remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic but he said that it is an EA game so obviously it will need the support from EA.

Minecraft was recently announced for the Nintendo Wii U and Phil Spencer definitely enjoyed working with Nintendo.


As for the focus of marketing for Xbox One in 2016, Spencer was clear in saying that it will be new IPs for the Xbox One. There are a lot of games getting released for the Xbox One in 2016 and majority of them are completely new IPs, so Spencer is definitely not wrong here. Among them, Scalebound is from Platinum Games, Sea of Thieves From Rare, Recore from Armature Studio, while Quantum Break is from Remedy Studios. This doesn’t count the unannounced games, as Spencer confirmed that they haven’t revealed the full lineup for 2016 yet.

Golden Eye is considered one of the best multiplayer games on Nintendo 64 and it was developed by Rare. Spencer was approached by one of the fans asking if they plan to release a Remake on the Xbox One, and he clarified that due to some issues with the rights for the series, it is not possible to do a Remake. They have tried to look for solutions and then given up on it.

Lastly, if you were hoping to see Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One store, Spencer confirmed that they are indeed working on a solution for it.

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