Phil Spencer: “No Comments” on Xbox One leaks, Games with Gold for Xbox One to be Revealed “Fairly Soon”

Recently, a surge of rumors started over the Xbox One and its 2014 line-up when an alleged Microsoft employee spilled a lot of beans on the games and Microsoft’s marketing plan for the Xbox One. Phil Spencer seemed rather upset over it on twitter.

While some of the leaked news did turn out to be true, leading some credibility to the user who leaked these news, not all of them are confirmed. Plenty of the games that were leaked had yet to be announced officially by Microsoft. Among them, we had some totally unexpected ones like Halo 2 Anniversary remake for Xbox One, Platinum Games exclusive project codenamed “Nagano”, Forza Horizon 2 and Crackdown 3. The user who leaked the news also provided a couple more tidbits like release date for Xbox One exclusives Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends and Halo 5.


When Phil Spencer was asked about these leaks on twitter, he didn’t really confirm that most of the leaks were true but called it a “bummer” that this had to happen, as it got the people hyped over nothing.

No comments on all the posts obviously but is kind of a bummer. Gets people worked up over things that we didn’t say.

Games with Gold has yet to be announced for the Xbox One. Spencer assures that we are going to hear about it “fairly soon”

Answer to this will be coming fairly soon.

He also urged the users to keep sharing their opinion regarding Xbox Live and its deals.

Agree. I know this GiG didn’t blow you away but, like I said, first half of ’14 is better imo, keep sharing opinion, it matters.


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