Phil Spencer On Killer Instinct: “We’ll Stay Committed To Quality”; Looking Into More HD Remasters

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer clears confusion of fans over Killer Instinct after the recent news that Double Helix games have been acquired by Amazon. He is also trying to gauge interest of fans to see if there is enough demand for HD Remakes of classic Xbox titles for the Xbox One.

On Twitter, Phil Spencer talked about the work done by Double Helix on Killer Instinct and clarified that they weren’t the only ones, Microsoft’s internal team also worked on it, and that’s how they will continue supporting the game.

From the beginning KI was driven by a strong internal team including @RealKLobb, that’s how we’ll continue.

Totally agree, DH did a great job. Cingrats to them on Amazon move, really wish them well

I had to answer some questions when we announced @DoubleHelixGame for KI and that turned out great. We’ll stay committed to quality

A fan approached him regarding Fable Anniversary, asking if there will be more HD Remakes/Remaster in the future. Phil Spencer was interested in the idea, and wants to gauge fan interest to see if there is demand for a certain game.

Do people like Fable Anniversary? Would you like to see some of the XBOX Classics on XBOX One?

Phil Spencer also called The Last of Us “great game” that “deserved” its Game of the Year award at D.I.C.E. Meanwhile Forza 5 won Best Racing Game award.

Last of Us is a great game, it deserved the awards.


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