Phil Spencer on OS and Live issues: “We are playing SP & MP nightly. Anyone can post ‘stuff’ to the web”

Xbox One launch is shaping up to be a disaster soon as rumors of the OS being broken and Xbox Live stability issues are appearing all over the internet. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer denies these claims.

First of all, the rumor emerged from from doddscientifics, which is being run by famousmortimer, a NeoGAF users with apparent ties to some of the industry insiders. The track record of famousmortimer is pretty clean and most of the stuff he has leaked before has proven to be true. In his latest leak, he talks about Xbox One OS and Live having issues prior to launch. The gist of all this was that Xbox Live and OS were having severe issues. As posted by mortimer

The short story is that Xbox Live and the OS, especially in functions that involve XBL, are a complete fucking mess. One source says we aren’t talking weeks until it works correctly but “months.” Things like parties dropping people when moving from one thing to another. Connectivity issues. Missed invites. Friend requests not working, etc.

This is a bold claim right there and something that doesn’t look well for a console that is so close to launch. A twitter user approached Phil Spencer on this issue to which Phil Spencer replied that they were playing the SP and MP nightly. Anyone can post such ‘stuff’ to the internet. You can check out his tweet below.

When another user questioned his statement asking him that show us Ryse new build running on the actual hardware, Phil Spencer replied that there are tons of videos of the game already running on an Xbox One. He also talked about the game being playable at the Xbox One Tour.

What do you think of this statement? Do you think the rumor of Xbox Live and OS having issues is true? Let us know in the comments below.

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