Phir Spencer Announces Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Feature

Phir Spencer Announces Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Feature

During E3 2015, Microsoft’s gaming platform head, Phir Spencer finally announced what has got to be the most highly anticipated announcement of the event; backwards compatibility for Xbox One. In a nutshell, Xbox 360 gaming titles, which would no doubt have cost a large sum of money, will now be able to be played on Microsoft’s next generation gaming console, without having to go through any issues whatsoever.

During the event, Spencer handed over the announcement to Mike Ybarra, who is the Head of Platform Engineering stationed at Xbox. He showcased the very first Mass Effect video game (which had originally been released for Xbox 360) being played effortlessly on Xbox One, indicating that the company is making huge strides in order to cater to a larger gaming audience.

However, there must have been some disappointment from the crowd when Ybarra stated that Xbox 360 titles being played on Xbox One will require approval from game developers, but since these developing studios would not want to lose out on one of the biggest game publishers on the planet, they will most likely approve the backwards compatibility option.

Moving on, Microsoft will not be charging an extra amount of money for all the previous Xbox 360 titles that console owners possess, which is a welcome feature indeed. More than a 100 titles are expected to be made compatible with Xbox One in the near future, and the feature is expected to be fully operational this holiday.

Neither Spencer nor Ybarra stated that if visuals of all Xbox 360 titles will be given an upgrade or not, but for now, Xbox One owners can celebrate Christmas a little earlier than expected.

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