No Plans for a Kinect-less Xbox One Bundle Says Microsoft

If you’re planning to buy an Xbox One Bundle without a Kinect then you’re out of luck. Microsoft’s UK Marketing Chief, Harvey Eagle, put an end to any doubt or rumors by stating that Microsoft has no plans to release the console without it.

In an Interview with Eurogamer, Eagle said, “[A Kinect-less Xbox One] is not in our plans at all. As we’ve said from the very beginning, we believe Kinect is an absolutely integral part of the Xbox One experience.”

He stressed, “Look at all the thousands and thousands of game clips that have been posted by gamers to Upload Studio, of their gaming highlights, captured by speaking the words ‘Xbox record that’, which has already become part of Xbox vocabulary. It’s a really great example of how Kinect makes the experience on Xbox One even better.”

The reason why users don’t want a Kinect with their Xbox One is because they believe it’s superfluous to them, and hence, they are paying money for something they will never use. Eagle clarified that there are a few games under development which will fully utilize the Kinect. Microsoft plans to reveal these games at E3. Whether or not these games will appeal to everyone is yet to be seen though.


He explained, “Obviously E3 is a key moment in time where we’ll make a bunch of announcements about what’s coming up in the months ahead of E3, and particularly for Christmas. So expect to hear much more from us at E3.

“We’ve made announcements about games we’re very excited about. Project Spark is going to be a very interesting game. I’d also mention Sunset Overdrive, which is looking very interesting. There’s a very strong pipeline of games coming in the future. Titanfall is the one on the nearest horizon and everyone is rightly excited about that.”

What are your thoughts on the Kinect? Are you bothered because you have to pay for something you don’t use or are you excited for what the Kinect will be able to do in the future?

Abdullah Raza


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